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Derrick Butts
Derrick Butts is the CEO of Assist U2 Win. When you say Assist U2 Win, you're saying the mantra and the reason for his existence. From basketball courts in his youth, to achieving General Manager status with Autonation, Derrick engages to impact and influence one to be better. You can read his complete bio by clicking the link below. 

Just know, no matter you're age or stage, race or place, Coach Derrick wants you to win.
Assist U2 Win is a speaking and coaching business that provides solutions to maximize personal development, production, and profit. If you are looking to design the life you love and experience your best life --- you've found the right community to experience this life. 

With the right mix of challenging conversations, transformational coaching, and our secret sauce of accountability circles --- you will find winning easier and more enjoyable. 

As you browse our site, you will see entry points into our winning community and if you heard about something that you don't see listed, please just contact us. 
Once again, welcome to Assist U2 Win.
Coach Derrick is also a 3 year member of the John Maxwell Team. Derrick loves to challenge the listener in the space of leadership and personal development. If you're not getting better everyday than you will soon be replaced by someone who is. Coach Derrick is known for his ability to make those around him better. "When we make individuals better, the organization gets bigger."  
It's more than a destination; It's a journey. Sample a lesson from Coach Derrick!
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